Two years since last update and 4.5 since first! Since then a lot has happened, but not much music has been released. I now have pages and some songs on MySpace and Facebook where you can look me up as "Raymond Wave".

Happy new year 2006! New site also. Please report any strange behaviour, I've so far tried this out with Safari and Firefox on a Mac. It's still a bit under construction, but I'll be updating it in days to come.

Not even a month since I last wrote something, this is extrodinary! I should get myself a www-based news updater, as I now have to do this via SSH and a basic editor. Anyone got tips on how to assemble a www-updater, contact me :).

I thought I'd let you in on some statistics of these pages. There doesn't seem to be huge amount of visitors, but a steady 5-20 different IP's / day and I think that's quite good. But it seems that you who visit, really like to download the music as the downloads are 1-4.5 gigabytes / month :). This month we're going at a nice 3.5 Gb so far. And please do keep download, that's what these pages are here for.

I would really like to thank the guys who've made donations so far. You've been more than generous, thank you very much!

At the moment I have a few new songs almost ready. There's one melodic trancer, one progressive 120bpm electrotrance or something :), one slow piano chillout/triphop and one breakbeat chillout. Very different genre's, but I've been having so much fun trying out everything one can do with the new Logic Pro. It's been very inspiring indeed. But I've still got to add some extra stuff and learn how properly master them with Logic Pro. I'm hoping to release sort of an EP of 4-5 songs maybe still this year. It's been so long since I last put out anything new as I haven't had time to do any Raymond Wave material for a good while. But like I said, I'd like to put out something new before new year!


Top of the autumn everyone. Temperatures are getting lower, leaves fall from trees, it's stormy and days get darker. Autumn is kind of a creative season for me, until it starts raining sleet and ground gets slushy. But right now it's beautiful.

To summarize the year so far a bit, we had an interesting project going on in the beginning of '05 involving a few singers. The project went on until early summer, but unfortunately it didn't really end up anywhere. Or actually it did end up, but that's pretty much there is to it. Would've been nice to see something getting out of it, but as for now we only got lot's of ideas and one demo.

After summer, I've had lot's of "commercial" projects and pretty much all my studio time has gone that way, but now they're done and I can make some of my own stuff again, hopefully. We've made five new songs and a remix. I won't say more of the projects at this point, but they've been fun.

Fortunately the commercial projects pay something and I decided to make a critical move and got rid of the bulky PC I had at home and got an Apple Powerbook with Logic Pro instead. Right now it seems like a very very good move and I've been quite inspired to make new tunes with the new tools. I haven't finished any yet, but I've started 3 new songs in two weeks, and that's a huge improvement over past years. I suppose I've just needed some new inspiration. We've also got Logic at our studio, so everything should be streamlined.

That's all at the moment, I hope to post some new songs after playing around with Logic for a while. Take care!

Hello everyone, hope you had a great summer. I for sure had as we did a roadtrip across the U.S.A. Beautiful and huge country, very sad to read about the Katrina disaster now tho. It sounds so insane, that people are acting like animals in there. I mean the brutality of some people towards other victims is just horrible. Hope people start acting like people and help get the area back on it's feet.

What's new to the site is a new downloads-section separated from music-section and a donation system. I know most of the people now make their donations to Katrina victims, so it's a bit of a bad time to introduce mine. But I put it up now anyway. The idea is, that if you wish to support me for giving out my songs for free, consider a donation. You make up the amount. I still give out the songs for free, so it's totally up to you, but no stress.

Cheers and have a pleasant autumn,

Hey hey! Back after a looong break again, I'm very sorry I'm so lazy updating these pages. Actually I haven't even updated these pages, but I did upload some new tunes to my download.com/raymondwave site. The three top songs are newest, but some of them may have been available elsewhere. I think the Exposure-song hasn't been anywhere before.

I've been working on a band project for almost the last 6 months. It's a very slow project consisting of multiple singers, time will tell what comes out of it. I've also worked on a few new personal tunes. These days I first try to find commercial use for the songs before putting them on the internet, because I now have to pay a studio rent every month. Most of them do end up useless tho, so don't worry, new songs will still be released on the web :).

During the last six months, I've also moved to Helsinki Vibe studio complex which is also occupied by artists/producers/acts like Miika Kuisma, Dj Tab, Super8, K-System, Dallas Superstars, Tripguide etc..

Have a great summer!
br> 21st.oct.04
The whole MP3.com song catalog now online! raymondwave.com/music/old/

My ISP has at some point raised the traffic limit to 25gig/month, so I decided to see if it keeps within those limits. I bet it will. I didn't upload the remixes for other people tho, so you'll have to live without them. Sorry bout that, it's just that I've lost contact to most of these guys and cannot ask their permission. So, Alex of Cynic, Jacob, Snake-o.. any of you reading this, please e-mail me :). Well, hope you enjoy the songs. I'll try to write a HTML page for the songs with a little description later on.

Updated the photo section to have a link to my pbase.com account.

Nothing much new happened since june. I've started and even finished a few new songs. I'm hoping to get some vocals done for them. I've also worked on some commercial projects that have been quite interesting.

download.com still offers only 50 megabytes of space, so I still cannot post my earlier songs. There's space left for a few, but I've just been too lazy to convert my older 128 kb/s songs to download.com required 192 kb/s :). Sorry about that.

www.download.com/raymondwave is now open and three songs available! Spread the link, spread the link, spread the link! :) I will upload more soon.

My www.download.com/raymondwave is now open, and I've uploaded a few songs, but my songs are stil not online as their approval process is very very slow. The site looks promising, altho it's still very simple. I hope they will continue adding features, as there aren't even statistics for the time being. Not to talk about feedback to artist.

I will keep you posted when the songs appear on the site.

C-NET has finally opened music.download.com for artists. Site is not live for listeners yet, but they're taking artists in. I've so far uploaded one song and reserved www.download.com/raymondwave to myself, so this will eventually be the url you'll find my music at. Unless they decide to change the url for some reason. There is no date set for opening the site for public yet, but things seem to be heading forward!

There was a tragic bus accident in Finland 19th of March where 23 people died and 15 were injured. The bus was taking them to a skiing holiday and crashed into a big truck. The accident ended up being the worst road accident in the history of Finland.

Four of my school classmates/friends were sadly on that bus and none of them survived.

I wasn't very close to them, hardly knew them anymore as it's been eleven years since I graduated, but having spent twelve to six years with them on the same school, sharing classes, seeing them almost every day at school and classroom for many years, I felt it quite deeply. I cannot imagine the sadness of those who lost their child, brother, sister, parent, companion.. Horrible. My sympathy goes to all of them.

I composed a small song in their memory. It may sound unfinished, but I decided not to touch the song after I wrote it last monday, the day I heard they were on that bus. Four Friends

I've been posting a few messages on the old MP3.com forums asking about the 50 megabyte limit on the upcoming replacment site, and it now seems it's only for starters. Their plans include adding a premium artist service for paying customers, and providing them more space for songs. I will ofcourse pay to get the premium artist status, and get all of my tunes available again. But that may take some time, and before that, we'll only have 50 megabytes available for songs. It'll only be 4-6 songs, and I've been wondering which songs those would be. I will have atleast one new, and a few older ones. If you've got favourites, go ahead and send me e-mail, and it might be on the first 4-6 tunes.

I think music.download.com will open up for artists and song uploading in a few weeks, and for public in maybe a month or so as a beta version. So fingers crossed it'll be on time, will be great to finally be back online!

The mp3.com/music.download.com forums are here if you want to check for more info.

I've been a bit inactive on updating the site again. Nothing much to update tho, as nothing important has happened lately. I read on the mp3.com forums that the C-NET's site will only have 50 mb of hosting space for artists songs. That's ok for a free account, but they're not planning on starting a pay account that has more space for songs. How lame is that? I mean 50 megabytes doesn't even host one full album worth of songs. And the 50 mb is for 192k MP3's, which are considerably larger than the MP3.com hosted 128k MP3's. I suppose I have to find another site then. This makes me a bit angry, as I should've done this a long time ago, and not have waited for the C-NET to announce their site. I'm gonna start a page on the CNET site anyway, even with few songs only and link another page from that page, as I think many MP3.com regulars will surf that site anyway. This should happen before summer.

I'm also considering hosting some more songs here on my own site. Altho, I'm not sure if my monthly traffic limit will handle that. I've got plenty of space tho, so I'm adding a few new tunes anyway and will take the songs offline if the transfer limit exceeds. I suppose I'll do this sometime next week, as I'm very busy with day time job right now.

Happy early spring, snow is melting and sun is shining!

Happy new year 2004! Yeah, I know it's been 2004 for over two weeks already. I'm a bit slow, sorry about that :).

I haven't made much producing for a while except for a few remixes. Actually you can listen to two remixes I've made for Micah at his website DjMicah.com. Click on the jukebox link there, and you can find my remixes of Hollowmind and Enter This Love.

Still waiting for C-NET to announce their replacement for MP3.com. I think it's taking a bit too long, and I've considered beatmaka.com. Oh, btw, you can listen to my remix of Miika Kuisma's Liber Null at beatmaka.com. His got all the mixes available there. The site looks kinda good, and like I said, I might put up my songs in there too. I'll be posting more news soon. Cheers!

Hope you had a nice christmas! I did, and I can hardly stand up after all the eating. Still waiting for the newsletter from C-NET about their mp3 sharing service. Hope it's coming soon, so I can put my songs up somewhere.

I was happy to see, that "Holiday Remixed"-compilation is on sale at Finlands Free Record Shop as an import! Go get one!

Ok, MP3.com is now gone for good. C-NET announced they'll put up download.music.com, which should be similar to MP3.com and where I will most propably put all my music once they get it running. It is estimated to start early 2004, so let's hope for the best. If you've got questions, e-mail me at raymondwave (at) hotmail (dot) com. Use a subject like "Feedback from raymondwave.com", to stand out from all the spam :). Cheers and thanks for all listeners at MP3.com!

MP3.com has been bought by C-NET and I have no idea what's going to happen, www.mp3.com/raymondwave will stop working early december, but I will post any updates here. If C-NET doesn't offer a similar service as Mp3.com, I will post my songs elsewhere so don't worry.

Just got my hands on "Holiday Remixed" -compilation. The CD looks and sounds great! If you live in US, you should be able to find that CD quite easily, but I don't know about european distribution. Send a "Holiday Remixed" e-card here.

I collaborated with Miika Kuisma on a remix for K-System's new single "Dream my Dream". CDS out from Bonnier. I also remixed Von Routen's "The Avenue", CDS out soon from Spiral.

Reindeers (Y2K Radio Edit) licensed to "Holiday Remixed" compilation by BasicLux Records.