I have over ten years of experience on graphic design, advertising and experiential marketing. I've worked for agencies including McCann Helsinki and Momentum Helsinki of the IPG. My current and former clients include Nokia, Pfizer, Opel, IST International Security Technology, Metro, Salomon Sports, Halti, Masterfoods, Durex, Bosch & Siemens Household Apps, Hartwall, Paulig etc.

I run a firm of my own, Hokus Pokus Promotional Design, which is specialized in - yes you guessed it - promotional design. That could be traditional advertising, package design, digital media, POS/in-store, exhibitions, guerilla, what ever one can and cannot think of. Simply put, visual design with a goal of promoting sales of a product or a service. If you are interested in what I could offer you or your company, please contact me here or follow the finger pointing to a link. With a one man organization, I'm usually pretty fast and definately cheaper than the bigger agencies.